duration: 25’ loop
multichannel sound installation
concept, musical composition, arrangements, sound design and installation by Aimée Portioli


“Fragments of Presence” is an audio installation that explores the emotional landscape of grief, focusing on the theme of absence.
The installation aims to establish a contemplative and introspective environment, inviting visitors to explore their personal encounters with loss and to connect with the universal elements of mourning.

In the installation, memories are portrayed as fluid and evolving entities, rather than fixed or permanent. The audio content seeks to illustrate how memories are experienced and remembered amidst the backdrop of grief.
It strives to evoke emotions, provoke reflection, and foster a sense of connection with others who have undergone similar journeys of mourning.

By shedding light on the ways in which individuals navigate their personal experiences of loss and remembrance, visitors are invited to write messages related to their experiences of grief and loss. “Fragments of Presence” provides a space for visitors to externalize their emotions, thoughts, and memories, fostering a deeper connection with their own grieving process and encourages a sense of individual expression and emotional release.


As visitors enter the space, they are greeted by gentle whispers of memories. The soft, fragmented voices share snippets of personal stories and reflections on loss, creating a sense of intimacy and connection. Periods of silence punctuate the soundscape, signifying the void left by loss.

These moments allow visitors to reflect on their own experiences, fostering a sense of stillness and contemplation. Disjointed sounds and fragmented melodies intermittently emerge. The sounds include ethereal music that evokes a range of emotions associated with mourning.


The installation takes place in a dimly lit room with minimalist decor, black walls and black ceiling. The audience can be seated on the floor on pillows or standing with the possibility to move around.
The speakers will be standing or hanging in a circular form around the room, with sound coming from the sides. The four speakers are positioned in each corner of the room.


To encourage active participation, visitors can contribute their own stories and thoughts related to grief and loss by writing a message. Pens and paper notes will be distributed on site.
The collected messages serve as a powerful testament to the collective human experience of loss and will be integrated into a future presentation of the project, allowing the narratives of visitors to become part of a larger work. By incorporating these shared stories, the installation creates a sense of collective expression and communal healing.


4 x high quality audio monitors with power cables
4 x regulable monitor stands
1 x steady computer with Ableton installed
1 x audio card with 4 outputs
4 x audio cables going from the audio card to the audio monitors (they need to be long enough from the audio card’s position to the corners of the room)