In uno spazio immenso, light-years, 2024

"It’s potent, it’s immersive and the sheer force of it is maybe even a little scary, but it’s also quite beautiful. Pulverization rarely sounds this lovely." - First Floor

"Unashamedly epic and earth-shatteringly dynamic, Grand River and Abul Mogard's collaborative debut is an attempt to bring sonic splendour to meditative emptiness." - Boomkat

Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes, Editions Mego, 2020

"As with everything she does, the LP displays an intense attention to detail, but here, her ethereal mists, hovering drones, and electro-acoustic textures coalesce into a pleasantly immersive space, blurring the boundaries between the organic and the electronic." - First Floor

"Many albums have been described as "balanced", and this one thoroughly earns the description" - Inverted Audio

"Multi-instrumentalist Aimée Portioli continues to create utterly unique music. Portioli's music as Grand River occupies its own space in today's electronic landscape. It has an acute musicianship which is too often obscured. On Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes, it's front and centre." - Resident Advisor

"Grand River’s work integrates a large variety of sound structures and symphonic calculations in which she crafts absorbing experimental and ambient narrations combining traditional composition with contemporary sound research." - The Wire

All Above, Editions Mego, 2023

"Aimée Portioli's most orchestral album to date is filled with unexpected beauty at every turn." - Resident Advisor

"The vision Peter Rehberg championed is reality today, thanks to artists such as Grand River, who sacrifice linear narrative in an attempt to reach something higher and greater, perhaps even divine. - The Letter

Portioli’s expression is different, she’s forcing a level of engagement that perceives the negative space as just as important as the saturated positive, and what could be more haunting and emotionally resonant than that? - Boomkat

Pineapple, Spazio Disponibile, 2018

"She crafts absorbing film scores, experimental and ambient projects and takes in symphonic calculations that blur the lines between traditional composition and research-based modernism." - XLR8R

Crescente, Spazio Disponibile, 2017

"Filled with rippling textures, grainy found sound, frayed rhythms, and poignant melodies, the four tracks on Crescente play out like a score to lost sci-fi epic, one that leaves you utterly enchanted and dumbfounded." - XLR8R

Light Index Opening, Longform Editions, 2019

"A hybrid world in which articulations of all sorts joust and blend, from the dull shocks of what might be rasped guitar and plummy piano to the up-ramping of enigmatic reversals, all set with surprising ease against a droning backdrop. The rhythmic interjections become orchestral and part of the fun is guessing where they might land on the soundstage before the low-register beats change the entire rhythmic landscape of this extraordinary environment." - Dusted Magazine