In uno spazio immenso album launch, After, Berlin, DE
MA Symposium 2024, Catalyst, Berlin, DE
MUTEK Symposium PANEL 2, Barcelona, ES
'Deeper Dives', Martyn 3024 Mentoring Program (online)
'Exploring Spatial Sound: A week of learning and creating in a 4DSOUND system', Stone Nest, London, UK
'Exploring the Intersection of Sound, Art and Nature', Mostra'm, Barcelona, ES
'Aural Spaces | Spatial Music Sessions in 4DSOUND', Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NL
'Ableton Loop Session: In the Studio with Grand River', Bewake Studios, Berlin, DE
'On the Couch with Aimée Portioli', Catalyst, Berlin, DE
'Listening as a Gateway to Mindfulness', Soundworks Panel Talk, MUTEK Forum (online)
'Telling Stories with Sound', SAE, Berlin, DE