duration: 60’ - 90'
title: How limits can inspire you

moderator: Aimée Portioli
panelists invited: one or two proposed by the promoter


One Instrument, founded by the Dutch-Italian composer and producer Aimée Portioli, also known as Grand River, has been at the forefront of redefining creative boundaries in the world of music since its establishment in 2016.
To date, the label counts 29 releases.
One Instrument's distinctive approach defies conventional music production norms by inviting artists to embark on a unique creative journey. Within the label's artistic framework, composers are tasked with the remarkable endeavor of crafting their compositions using only a single instrument, with the sole exception being reverb for effects. 
This singular constraint serves as the catalyst for transcending genres, enabling artists to explore the uncharted territories of sound and creativity.

"How Limits Can Inspire You" is the first of a series of panel talks where Aimée Portioli will engage in discussions with one or two artists proposed by the promoter. Together, they will explore the transformative power of constraints in the creative process. The label has successfully harnessed limitations as a catalyst for innovation and deeper artistic exploration and extends an invitation to artists and listeners alike to partake in this exploration.


1. Introduction
2. Panelist Introductions
3. Moderator-Curated Questions Directed to Panelist(s)
4. Panelists' Questions Directed to the Moderator
5. Questions from the Audience Directed to Panelist(s) and moderator

The widespread availability of software tools for music production has revolutionized the approach to music creation. This accessibility has democratized the industry, allowing anyone to start making music at relatively low costs. Today, musicians have unprecedented control over their production. However, the proliferation of options can also pose challenges in asserting a distinctive artistic identity or even encountering "artistic overchoice."
Focusing on deepening proficiency in a single musical instrument provides the opportunity to refine technical skills and contributes to the development of a distinctive musical style. Through a deeper understanding of the instrument, the artist can enjoy greater creative flexibility and thoroughly explore the expressive possibilities of the instrument itself.

What are the benefits of focusing on deepening proficiency in a single musical instrument? How does this focus contribute to the evolution of a distinctive musical style? In what ways can a deeper understanding of the instrument influence an artist's creative flexibility?
These are some of the questions we will pose with the aim of inspiring new music and artistic approaches.


After the promoter has communicated which panelist(s) they would like to engage in the panel talk, there will be a preparatory phase during which Aimée Portioli and the selected panelist(s) will collaboratively prepare for the discussion.


The panel talk will conclude with a reflection on the power of limitations in the creative process and the enduring impact of One Instrument's unique approach. Attendees will depart with a deeper understanding of how boundaries can be harnessed to inspire innovation in music and the arts.