Wind is air in motion, it won’t make any sound if nothing is in its way.
The wind can make many different sounds depending on its strength and the objects it touches. However, some believe that varying temperatures create different layers of air and the friction between the layers produces a sound that is in fact the true sound of the wind itself. Though this would be very hard to demonstrate, birds may be the only ones able to distinguish it. Sometimes the wind howls, other times it sings or whistles and it can go from a gentle murmur to an angry roar. Many are the frequencies and timbres of the wind.

The composer Grand River has recorded and reworked different types of wind, layers and pitches and integrated them into the musical piece “Tuning the Wind”.
The wind has become a prepared instrument which is sometimes tuned to the 440 Hz reference and at other times the instruments are tuned to the wind.
Nature and music have become one, there is no distinction between a synthesizer and the wind, between the natural element and the human made instrument, between a sound wave and a gust of wind.
In the last two years, people have experienced a reconnection with nature and have embraced it as a safe space to feel alive and free. The representation of an abstract quality in human form of the wind in “Tuning the Wind” expresses our relationship, experience and dialogue with the natural environment.

Duration: 40'
Multichannel sound installation in circular form around the audience
“Tuning the Wind” has also been adapted to a stereo installation, a walk-through diffusion and live performances
Musical composition, arrangements, sound design and installation by Aimée Portioli
Foley wind recordings by Aimée Portioli and Pablo Diserens

Live Cinema Festival, Rome, IT *live stereo performance
Son de Aquí, Oaxaca de Juárez, MX *live stereo performance
SONIC CINEMA, 3537, Paris, FR *sound installation in 4D spatial sound
Q3AMBIENTFEST, Kesselhaus, Potsdam, DE *live stereo performance
NEW NOW Festival, Essen, DE *sound installation in 4D spatial sound
Stone Nest, London, UK *live in 4D spatial sound
Mostra Festival, Barcelona, ES *live stereo performance
Folkwang Museum, Essen, DE *live stereo performance
FIBER Festival, 4DSOUND, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NL *live in 4D spatial sound
CTM Festival, MONOM, Berlin, DE *live in 4D spatial sound
C.P. Company Flagship Store, Milan, IT *Tuning the Wind live